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Roman R90 group of new products listed, a market new shock
Source:Shenzhen Roman Technology Co.; Ltd   Release time:2014-06-24   Browse the number:1617

Roman R90 products series, all adopts the latest technology of Bluetooth Version4.0. Compared with the previous version, Bluetooth 4.0 has advantage of lower power consumption, more communication range, better effect of noise reduction and more stable signal and connection, which makes it the most popular Bluetooth technology on present market.

Roman R90 series made great breakthrough on the design and craftmanship, which had provided consumers with cool fashion, classic practical, exquisite design, and easy using products.

R9030---Staple of R90 series, with classic guitar appearance and its practicability at the same time, conveys fashion and beauty to people. Surface of imitations of leather processing reflects user's taste and style.

R9020, the classic half moon style, with very clever crescent shape design,130 degrees adjustable headset speaker, makes it become the most comfortable wearing Bluetooth headset.

R9010 classic stylish more conforms to most people's aesthetic appreciation. Its nearly 9 days super-long standby time solves the problem of those who often forget to get charger along on the trip.

R9000 exquisite spiral shape, boldly abandoned the traditional splitting type design of ears hang and fuselage, ingeniously integrate ear hook and the body together, which definitely will create a new spiral fashion of headphones.

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