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Continuing classic-- Roman new arrival Q1
Source:Shenzhen Roman Technology Co.; Ltd   Release time:2014-08-06   Browse the number:2759

Roman Q1 continued the classic ear diamond appearance of R6250. It looks like a diamond on the ears. With small and delicate body, it’s very easy to carry, makes it an indeed love for fashion girls.

Different from R6250, Q1 adopted the newest Bluetooth technology of 4.1 version, which makes it promoted by several levels. Bluetooth version 4.1, compared with the traditional bluetooth technology, has stronger ability of noise reduction and more stable signal connection, lower power consumption, and more high-quality audio or data transmission capacity, which can guarantee the quality promotion on the basis of a longer battery life.

Roman Q1 has three colors, elegant gray, romantic deep blue and noble black, to offer you more choices. While listening to music, it looks like a bright diamond hanging on the ears.


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