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"Doing No Decent Work"
Source:Shenzhen Roman Technology Co.; Ltd   Release time:2016-07-01   Browse the number:663

In recent days, I have been swiping my screen all the time. After refreshing the
 information about the Children's Day, I refresh the information about the employees' physical check. Today, I am refreshing the information about the Dragon Boat Festival. I feel a bit embarrassed that I have been swiping my screen so frequently. It seems that we are doing no decent work, but don't envy us because that's the way we are.




But I still need to tell you, the "no decent work" done by Roman Technology is more than the care and gifts presented in festivals or holidays.

Look at the colorful corporate cultural development
in Roman Technology. There is "no decent work" everywhere.


Roman Debate Competition: Change an angle to think over a question, welcome different ideas, break out limits, and improve employees' teamwork spirit and the ability of thinking.




Roman Reading Day: Read more books, share more ideas, study while working, and improve oneself from reading.



Roman's Trip to Double-Moon Bay: Build a harmonious relationship between the enterprise and employee families.



Roman's Trip to Sanya: Build a comfortable distance between the enterprise and employees and between employees. Watch the world together, and enjoy the happy life together.





Why does an enterprise spend so many efforts in building the cooperate culture?


In today's society, only employees who treat the enterprise as their home have the sense of responsibility and impetus to create more values. Employees are the most important factor that determines the development speed and pattern of an enterprise. Meanwhile, in the fast developing phase of an enterprise, employees can catch up with the enterprise's development only by continuously enriching and improving themselves.


It has been nine years since Roman Technology was founded in 2008. Roman Technology, as the forerunner of digital component suppliers in China, has been developing rapidly in the nine years, which has been well recognized by the industry. For example, the R6000 is an extremely popular product in 2015. It integrates Bluetooth with the vehicle-mounted charger, and you can answer a call by picking the headset, and release a call by placing back the headset. Thanks for the innovative and creative design; this product has won the national industrial design patent and utility model patent.



S560 is a star product that will be marketed in 2016. The large ear hook
 never falls off whenever you run or jump, and helps you complete the long-distance run in a zero-pressure and long-time manner. The 150mAh large-capacity battery excels the 110mAh battery commonly found on the market, and supports a maximum standby time of 10 days and a super-long music time of 8 hours. The battery is more than sufficient for a marathon. The 14.8mm large loudspeaker overtakes the 11mm loudspeakers on the market, and delivers super-strong bass and outstanding voice quality.



All these achievements come from designers' creativity, research and development by the R&D team day after night, and elaborate work of workers on the product line. In a word, these achievements are results of continuously improvement and wholehearted commitment of all employees.




OK. I have finished my screen swiping.

Tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance. May all of you eat well and drink well. If you are planning to go home by driving your car, remember to take the R6000 with you. The R6000 integrates the Bluetooth and vehicle-mounted charger, and can ensure your driving safety, protect your privacy when receiving a call on the trip, and quickly charge your mobile phone on the trip.

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